Advantages of a Team

The Citrus County Dream Team was one of the top 12 teams in Citrus County for total dollars sold in 2008 (based on the Citrus County MLS residential sales).  I was sitting here thinking about some of the reasons that we have been able to rise into the top 2% of REALTORS in this county.

For some, I suspect our slogan, “Our team serves your dream“, connects with the reason that they have enjoyed working with us in their real estate transaction(s).  Customer service is a high priority for us.  We believe your home is often one of your most important (and most valuable) assests.  We are excited when we have an opportunity to help you sell, buy, or invest in a way that allows you to move forward with some of your life goals.  Perhaps it is a job transfer, or upsizing, or downsizing, or a host of other major life decisions.  Our goal is to provide you with the quality service to allow you to move on with your life dreams.

Others seem to appreciate our mission statement of “Providing quality service with honesty, integrity, and expertise“.   Each of these three words resonate with clients.  Honesty means that we will tell you what we honestly think you house should sell for in the current market.  We don’t inflate these numbers to “buy” your listing and then come back to get a more realistic price later.  Integrity means we will follow through on what we say.  Every attempt is made to “under promise and over deliver”.  Expertise is where we have a chance to go beyond the role of a standard real estate agent and function as a real estate consultant.  We do extensive market research on the Citrus County market and this allows us to provide all our clients with information that can be a powerful asset in any side of a real estate transaction.

Finally, I believe everyone that has work with us appreciates the fact that they are working with a team of professionals.  We operate our real estate business like a business.  We expect that you will find working with us like working with other professional firms - your accounting firm, legal firm, or medical team.  By having a team in place we can specialize in different areas of the real estate process and can provide a level of service that would not be possible for a single real estate agent working alone.

In summary, I am thankful for what working as a team has allowed us to achieve in the Citrus County Real Estate market.

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