Short Sale Specialists

For the last several years we have remained one of the top real estate teams located in Citrus County, Florida.  One of our strategies has been to remain relative to the markets of the moment.  During the last year this has meant providing enhanced services for short sale and REO sellers, while continuing to provide excellent service for “regular” arms length transaction sellers.

To better serve REO and short sale sellers, we completed 6 months of training through Keller Williams Realty international and received the SFR certification through the National Association of Realtors.  Currently our website, has extensive information available about short sales and how this process works.  Currently we are one of the premier teams in Citrus County, FL to work with banks on REO’s or seller’s facing a legitmate hardship situation to execute a short sale.

If you, or someone you know, is in danger of loosing their home to foreclosure or appears to be headed on that path, please have them contact our team immediately.  Short selling your home takes time, and we have much better success helping sellers when they are not in the final stages of foreclosure.   Furthermore, doing a short sale may be much better for your credit then simply letting a foreclosure proceed.  Please contact us for additional details.


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