“Knowledge is power” – Sir Francis Bacon.

Real estate knowledge and information can often help you maximize and protect one of your largest lifetime investments – YOUR HOME. For many of us, the investment we have in our primary residence (and possible investment properties), constitutes the largest investment opportunity we will undertake in our lifetime.

That is why for the last 10 years, we have made it our business to be some of the most informed real estate professionals in the Citrus County Real Estate market. While national real estate information such as interest rates, supply of homes, average sales price is interesting and helpful, the actual value of your home is very local market specific. Our research and experience suggest that in the local market the closing of the nuclear power plant, the strength of the local job market, how cold the winters are in the Northeast and Midwest, the number of hurricanes that hit Florida this year, all ultimately affect the value of your home.

While sharing our market research and information with our valued clients, it has been our privilege to help over 800 parties close over 400 real estate transactions (i.e. more than $45 million in sales) since January of 2006. In 2014 alone we closed over $7 million in sales, and so far in 2015 we have closed over $5.5 million.

When you, or someone you know and care about, needs help with one of your largest lifetime investments, we want to be the first place you call for help! We are here to serve your dreams with honesty, integrity, and expertise.

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